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KARIPAK, a brand of trust, representing a number of world-class building products, with an in-sight of a panel of professionals, running parallel with environmental principles, dedicates to design, build and maintenance of engineering projects.


While maintaining its competitive edges in this dynamic market, KARIPAK all the ways keeps its integrity and loyalty on which customers can fully rely.

With team spirit as its basis, KARIPAK and its associates widespread the groups quality services all over Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China.


Register of Minor Works Contractors

  1. Register of Minor Works Contractors (Company)

  2. Register of Minor Works Contractors (Individual)

Register number: MWC 996/2013 


We create new Green wall System. "Cariva"

More detail and information, please contact us.

  • Lightweight foam concrete

  • Concrete repair

  • Structural stength

  • Waterproofing system

  • Flooring system

  • Supply materials

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